Canoe Outpost Peace River

End of Trip Guidelines

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 End of the Trip in Arcadia….    

  • In Arcadia, pull up next to the dock and staff will assist you in getting out of the canoe. If there is no staff person present, someone jump out and ring the bell by the stairs or give a yell. Someone will be there in a minute to help.
  • Watch your fingers as you pull up to the wooden dock and don't get them between the dock and the canoe.
  • The dock in Arcadia is a floating dock so walk carefully. Staff will hold your canoe while you unload your personal equipment. Leave the Outpost gear, we will take care of it.
  • If you need help in getting out of the canoe, ask staff, they will be more than happy to assist you.
  • If you have a dog, particularly a large dog, please remove the dog as soon as possible from the canoe and off the floating dock. Staff members have to be able to hold the canoe in the middle and it puts their faces close to the dog. Leashes have a tendency in such close quarters to trip people. Staff will also be able to hold the canoe once the dog is out of the way. We suggest you take the dog off the floating dock and secure it either to the bench on the right or up the ramp on the left.
  • For loose trash and small bags of trash, there will be a trashcan on the dock. Large bags of trash can be set next to the trash can.
  • On the weekends, a trashcan will be on the dock, at the base of the wooden ramp, and at the top of the ramp for your use. If you have a large bag of trash, just put your bag next to a can. Recycle cans for aluminum and plastic are at the base and the top of the ramp.
  • Exit the floating dock as soon as possible so staff can clear the dock of paddle gear and canoes. Staff needs room to pull the canoe onto the dock and flip it over their head to take up the stairs.
  • As you exit the floating dock, please move to the right or left. Move right if you plan on waiting for someone, move left up the ramp to the parking. Don't stand in the middle of the large set of stairs or put your cooler there because there will be a staff person with a canoe over their head or a staff person with armloads of gear trying to come up that way.
  • At the top of the ramp, there is a platform or just across the drive there are picnic tables to set your gear on. If you have a lot of gear, you can drive to the ramp area to pick up your gear.
  • As you come up the dock ramp: if you are parked in the back parking lot, turn left to head for your vehicle. If parked in the front lot, continue straight ahead towards the office. Restrooms are located to the right of the office.
  • Please do not enter the work area at the dock to come back down the dock or to watch others come back. There are benches along the ramp and the large set of stairs for you to wait for others.
  • Two outdoor, cold showers are located behind the office for rinsing off. Look for the lattice fence and benches.
  • Potable water faucets are located in the picnic area in back lot, on the front of the office building, across from the office to the right of the bottle tree. All faucets in the work area (closest to the river) are river water. We are on a well system and it is sulfur water.
  • Please check with the office before leaving so they can check your name off as returned. If with a large group, we need the name of the group or the group leader.
  • Check your belongings before you head for home to make sure you have everything. We find fishing poles leaned against trees and buildings quite often. Don't forget to check the roof of your vehicle too.
  • If in the front parking lot, just exit to the left to go to SR70. If in the back lot, drive towards the office. Just before the office, fork right to pick up any gear at the dock or go left to exit into the front lot.
  • All paddlers must be in at the dock by 5:00 p.m. in Arcadia.
  • Please do not be late, our staff have lives and family and will be tired from working all day and want to go home.
  • Drive safely and thank you for coming to visit us at Canoe Outpost-Peace River.

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