Canoe Outpost Peace River

Launch and On the River Guidelines

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At the Put-in….

  • No drinking at any of the parks or boat ramps that we use. The only put-in where there is no restrictions on alcohol consumption are at our private put-ins at the Gardner Outpost and Oak Hill.
  • There are trashcans in the front of the buses and vans. Leave your empties in the vehicle.
  • Pets must be on leashes at all put-ins.
  • Please use the restrooms at the put-ins and not the nearest tree. There are restrooms at almost every put-in. Also, be discreet while floating down the river. No one wants to see your you know what.
  • Exit the bus through the front door and proceed to the rear door. Staff will open the door for you. A volunteer to help pass out the coolers and other gear is appreciated or staff will help once the canoes are unloaded. Form a “bucket brigade” and start passing gear out. If everyone works together, the bus will get emptied in a timely manner.
  • Feel free to get the paddle gear you need also once the personal coolers and gear is unloaded. Each person gets one boat cushion. If you don't have a fitted jacket you need to get a lifejacket off the bus. Each person must have a lifejacket. Each canoe gets two paddles. Kayak paddles on the back of the bus either belong to someone who rented a kayak or someone made a special request and paid for a kayak paddle. Kayak paddles are not standard equipment with canoes.
    Staff will check with you before you push off to make sure you have the right amount of paddle equipment.
  • Staff will usually unload the canoes and kayaks unassisted. If staff needs help, they will let you know. Some of our drivers don't carry the canoes over their heads so they will need assistance. They will direct you in how you can help.
  • Canoe Outpost staff puts the canoe nose or front first in the water.
  • Once you have claimed your canoe, make sure you have all your belongings especially fishing poles. Many a pole has been left behind leaning on a tree or bench, out of harms way.
  • Once the canoes are laid down, one person needs to straddle the back of the canoe while the front person gets in. Once that person is seated, the canoe needs to be pushed out a foot or two, then any middle people can get in. If you lift up on the canoe, it will move easier than just pushing. Once any middle people are seated then push the canoe almost all the way into the water. You can push yourselves off or staff will assist you in a minute or two. Push off slowly and gently or you'll go for a swim before you even get started.
  • Staff cannot push the canoe out if the back person is in the canoe. Back person needs to step out until canoe is almost all the way in. Please don't try to jump in the canoe while it is in motion.
  • If middle people sit on top of your gear, a cooler, or the canoe bar, your chances of tipping are very likely.
  • If you are an outfitted overnighter, staff will assist you in loading your outfitted equipment. Let them finish unloading the canoes and they will be ready to help.
  • Please watch your language; you are not alone on the beach or the boat ramp. This is a family oriented establishment.

Along the way….

  • As you're paddling down the river, relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Almost all property along the Peace River is private property. Do not stop at any houses, docks, picnic tables etc. The only public facilities are at various parks usually near bridges or boat ramps.
  • Only Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers can use the facilities in Gardner, Oak Hill, and Arcadia.
  • You must stay down by the water at all times except at parks and Outpost properties.
  • In low to normal water, there are plenty of sandbars and beaches to stop at. In high water, stopping spots are limited, need to stick to the Outpost owned properties.
  • Do not approach wildlife, keep your distance, you're in their house now.
  • Do not swim where you see alligators. Keep your distance. Stick to the shallower waters where you can see.
  • We recommend that you do not use any rope swings, jump or dive off any bridges or dock, or dive into the water at any time from land, any manmade structure, natural structure, or canoes. The water may be too shallow or there may be submerged hazards underwater.
  • Please keep your clothes on. There are kids out there and others who just may not want to see all of that.
  • Please keep the music down, not everyone may have the same taste in music as you. Listen to the symphony of nature instead.
  • Please watch your language; you are not alone on the river. This is a family oriented establishment. There are other paddlers, there are campers, and there are folks who live along the river.

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