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Check-in, Departure, and Bus Ride Guidelines.

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As the most popular outfitter on the Peace River, we get extremely busy and check-in lines can get long. To help move things along, please follow the following guidelines.

  • Complete parties only please. Starting the paperwork then having to run back to the parking lot or having to call your friends and family to come to the office only slows down the check-in. You may have to wait in line to get back to the check-in window.
  • If you are with a large group, check in with your group leader. Large groups only need to send the group leader with the completed sign-up and payment.
  • If office staff gives you a clipboard and sign-up sheets, please move away from the front window. There are picnic tables to the left of the office towards the river where the group can gather to sign in.
  • If paying regular price (don't qualify for a group or mini-group discount) you can pay per canoe. We just ask everyone to sign in together on one form to help save some trees.
  • Everyone who can read and write must sign our waiver. You can also download the Waiver and Release (Adobe PDF) at our website:  All persons who can read and/or write are required to read and sign the release at time of check-in and before getting in a canoe, kayak, or on a bus. There are also copies of the release posted in the restrooms and dressing rooms. Parents cannot sign for the kids (unless they can't read or write); spouses cannot sign for each other. Everyone has to sign if they can read and write. If you have "power of attorney", you must present a copy of the letter granting you that authority. Refuse to sign and we can't let you go.
  • We take credit cards and cash: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted.
  • We do take business checks, no personal checks please.
  • Overnighters need to check in at least one hour prior to their departure time during busy season, Saturdays, holiday weekends, and when instructed to when reservation is made. At all other times, plan at least a half hour to check-in prior to departure. You need to check-in, load the bus, and depending on the trip, park your vehicle. Please have your camping gear packed and ready to transfer to the bus before getting here.
  • All day trips need to plan on checking in a minimum of 15 minutes prior to departure during the week. On the weekend and Fridays, give yourself at least a half hour.
  • Those wanting to rent kayaks must be checked in a minimum of 15 minutes prior to departure to allow us time to get the kayaks on the bus or on the trailer. If you show up with less than 15 minutes before departure, you'll have to take a canoe. The buses and trailers with canoes are already set up and ready to go, kayaks require additional setup and may hold up the departure. It's not fair to those already checked in and waiting. If you reserve kayaks, we still wait until you check in to make sure we have the right amount or right model for you before loading them.
  • Please, no smoking at check-in. Ashtrays are located on the building columns and by the dressing room steps  for your use.
  • Please watch your language; you are not alone while in line or in the parking lot. This is a family oriented establishment.

Final steps before getting on the bus….

  • A lifejacket & boat cushion are included for each person. It's the law, everyone has to have a lifejacket. Kids, under six, must wear lifejackets while the boat is underway and all kids, 90 lbs. and under, must be fitted with lifejackets. The Outpost supplies fitted/ski vest lifejackets in all sizes. Fitted lifejackets must be picked up at the office prior to departure. The orange "horse collar" types are on the bus if you don't want a fitted one. All lifejackets, cushions, and paddles are already on the bus or at the put-in. We recommend that everyone wear their lifejacket.
  • Staff will load overnighters first and usually around 15 minutes before departure. Day trippers load last because they have less gear.
  • 5 to 10 minutes before departure, staff will start calling names and directing you to your bus.
  • Do not load on a bus without instruction from a staff member. Not all buses go to the same spot. Sometimes there are up to six buses loading. Just wait by your vehicle for instruction. Someone will call your name or point your bus out to you. With groups, there may be more than one bus, so if your gear is on one bus, you can ride another.
  • We suggest you carry your seatbacks with you if you rented them so there is no confusion about who rented what. Fishing poles should be carried too so they don't get broke. We also suggest you mark your gear. You can carry small personal coolers with you but coolers larger than a six pack size need to go in the back of the bus. Fossil equipment goes in the back of the bus too.

Departure Times….

  • Departure times can vary, best to call ahead. 800-268-0083.There are two offices. The Arcadia office is the main office and the Gardner office is a seasonal office. Always plan on checking in at Arcadia unless told differently by a staff member.
  • Our buses and vans are on a schedule. We try our hardest to keep to the schedule. After over 40 years of outfitting, we know how long each bus ride is, the time to put the canoes out, and time to get set back up for the next group of paddlers. If we don't leave on time, we jeopardize the whole schedule and the departure times of the next group of paddlers. Please be on the bus at the departure time.
  • Standard departure times are 8:00, 10:00, and 11:30. Depending on the season or the group size, departure times can vary.
  • If you arrive while the buses are loading, please do not ask the driver to hold the bus. You will have to wait for the next scheduled departure. You still have to check-in, use the bathroom, and unload your vehicle.
  • Please be checked in by the times suggested under “Check-in”. We know you're in vacation mode, but others got here on time and are on the bus, it's not fair to make them wait. Just like airplanes and trains, we can't wait if you are late.

The bus trip….

  • No smoking on the bus.
  • Consumption of alcohol is allowed on the bus and on the river, just not at the county parks (concrete boat ramps).
  • Keep hands and heads in the bus. Don't throw anything out the bus windows.
  • If it is the first bus of the day, the windows will probably still be up. Feel free to open the windows. Our buses have 55 m.p.h. air conditioning.
  • If it's a busy day, kids need to sit three to a seat. Otherwise it's two per seat.
  • Dogs need to sit to the back of the bus, on a leash, on the floor. Dogs don't get a bus seat.
  • Please watch your language; you are not alone on the bus. This is a family oriented establishment.


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