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Trip Planning and Pre-trip Prep

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 Welcome to Canoe Outpost-Peace River. Below and on the following pages is information and guidelines about our operations and procedures that will hopefully prepare you for a fun day or two on the beautiful Peace River. At the bottom of each page is a link to the next. We're offering guidelines from pre-trip planning to your final take-out at the dock in Arcadia.


Note: All guidelines and directions below apply to the main office in Arcadia. For information about Gardner, click the Gardner link at the bottom.

Planning your paddle trip….

  • Call ahead to check weather & river conditions, it may be raining where you are but may not be where we are! The website at also has a link to current conditions.
  • Reservations are required for all overnight trips, holiday weekends, and Saturdays. The best time to call is after lunch. In the mornings, staff is busy checking customers in. The worse time to call is just before the departure times, you may get the answering machine or a staff member busy with check-in and they can't give you their full attention.
  • If calling to change a reservation, you must be the person who made the reservation. Only the person who made the reservation can make changes.
  • Kayak rentals require a reservation. We have a limited number of kayaks but plenty of canoes. Check out the kayak page so you can determine what kind of kayak you want before you get here.
  • Prices are per canoe/kayak with two people. Solo and tandem kayaks are the same price. Price is the same if there is only one person. All prices are plus 7.5% sales tax. Extra people in the middle cost extra. Folks, 13 and older, are an extra $15 per person per day. Kids, 12 and under, are free. We charge by the boat and by the day, not the length of the trip.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to Arcadia. There always seems to be construction on one of the highways leading to Arcadia. Some of the roads are only two lanes, depends on which one you choose. If coming from the east on SR 70 plan extra time, the lure of the Super Wal-Mart is a proven show stopper. Arcadia is also a small town, speed limits are lower in the downtown area.
  • Do not use MapQuest. You will get a tour of the landfill. MapQuest does not work in rural areas. They have told us our location is wrong and we've been in the same spot over 40 years. Use our directions on the website, Google Maps, or GPS. If you do get lost, just call. Before you call, pick out a landmark because if you can tell us what you see or the last place you passed, we can usually figure out where you are and get you on the right road.
  • Please, no glass. Broken glass is dangerous in the river and in the trash. People can get hurt. We do not have glass recycling and our county does not even have regular recycling. Residents and businesses have to personally drive to the landfill to recycle and the recycle products are shipped to a different county for processing. Canoe Outpost recycles plastic bottles and aluminum cans only. If you insist on bringing glass, take it home with you please. Broken bottles in the trashcans make it hard to sort the trash. Please bag your recyclables separate from your regular trash.
  • We're pet friendly. All dogs must be friendly and on a leash. Our canine concierges will be running around greeting everyone and will be interacting with your pet. Please do not bring aggressive dogs. If any of the canine concierges act up, let a staff member know and we'll bring them in the office. Warning: if you start throwing a Frisbee, a football, or any other sort of ball around, Ziggy will grab it and run. He can flatten any ball, footballs included in a matter of minutes.
  • Fossil equipment is available to borrow or for sale. The equipment to borrow is on a first come, first serve basis. The later you show up, the less your chances of getting a shovel and/or sifter. Sorry, you cannot reserve fossil equipment.

Once you're here….

  • Drive slow in the parking lots and drives. There will be kids, dogs, and staff golf carts running around.
  • Please park next to someone or just behind them. Please don't triple park behind your friends. Others may follow your example but may not know the folks in front of them that they've blocked in.
  • Trashcans and recycle cans for plastic and aluminum cans are located by the front gate towards the office in the front lot. In the back lot, trashcans and recycle cans are located by the cabbage palms and by the portable toilet.
  • Day trippers park in the front lot unless it is roped off, with a large group, or a group that has reserved the picnic area.
  • Once your vehicle is parked, leave all your gear in your vehicle, you don't need to bring it to check-in. The bus will pick you up in the lot you are parked in. In the front lot, the buses pull up by the highway. In the back lot the buses circle around the parking lot to where you are parked.
  • Staff will check the parking before departure to make sure you're parked o.k. If in doubt, let a staff member know and they will double check.
  • Outpost buses pull into the front lot between the highway and the first picnic table/set of trees so please don't park there.
  • On busy days we use the back parking lot too. If a staff member directs you to the back parking lot or the front parking lot is roped off, go through the gate, to the right of the office, and follow the signs to the back parking lot. Staff will direct you where to park.
  • Overnighters always park in the back lot after loading the bus or trailer with their gear. Weekdays, overnighters park nose to the wooden fence in the back lot or per staff instruction.
  • If the back parking lot is in use and you walked over from the campground next door with a group. Leave your coolers by one of the palm trees or at the picnic shelter. The bus will come to you for loading.
  • If parked in the back lot or walking over from the Peace River Campground, head north towards the river and picnic shelter and turn left to go to the office.
  • Round everyone up to come to the office unless you are with a big group. Everyone must come to the office to check-in who can read and write including the kids. Little kids need to be fitted with lifejackets and the restrooms are by the office anyway. Everyone must be listed on the release. Parents can sign for the little kids who can't read and write. We need a headcount so make sure to count the little ones, they're people too. But if you are with a large group, wait for your group leader who should already have the paperwork. You sign in and pay with the group leader.
  • If parked in the front lot in Arcadia by the highway, the office and restrooms are straight through the gate by the river. With your back to the office, the dressing rooms (handrails and steps) are on the left, restrooms are on the right. There is a toilet in the ladies dressing room and a urinal in the men's dressing room. Each of the two restrooms contains one toilet.
  • If you're parked in the back lot, there is a portable toilet by the picnic shelter and the restrooms are located across from the office.
  • Please watch your language, you are not alone on the parking lots. This is a family oriented establishment.

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