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Oak Hill Rules & Regulations

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Oak Hill is near and dear to our hearts and many of our guests. It is a beautiful place with grassy camping spots, spectacular views of the river, with towering oaks, cabbage palms, and cypress trees. Occasionally we get guests who have no respect for the property of others or the feelings of others and therefore we guard Oak Hill with the tenacity of a bull dog.

To protect this beautiful slice of Florida wilderness we have rules that must be adhered to or we will be forced to eject any guest or group from the area. This policy has cost us bad reviews on the social media networks but we will continue to enforce these rules to protect what we hold dear to our hearts.

We work hard to keep Oak Hill attractive and pristine. We mow, put out fireant poison, weedeat the beaches, and pay to have the portable toilets cleaned. We pay staff to do all the maintainence as well as patrol the area to make sure all is well and everyone found their camping spot o.k.

It seems that some folks think that they are the only ones there and seem to have a total disregard for others camping there or for Mother Nature. Below are the most popular rules that are broken.

To avoid ejection from Oak Hill and the possiblity of never being allowed back, the following rules must be followed:

Do not bring a generator or anything that operates with gasoline. Usually, we just take them back to the Outpost but in a recent incident, the generator was confiscated amid some nastiness. On the second night while paddling on the river on a SAR (Search and Rescue) mission, a second generator was heard in the same campsite. This was complete and blantant disregard for the feelings of other campers and the rules. If you feel you need a generator to tent camp then you need to find a campground that allows them. FYI, the Peace River Campground in Arcadia does not allow them. You might try some of the State Parks or Fisheating Creek Outpost.

Do not allow or invite unregistered campers to stay with you or even come visit. And that includes by car, by air, or by water. If they are not a registered guest of Canoe Outpost-Peace River, they need to stay away. This is not a public facility. If you want to have visitors, then camp at a county park or a campground. FYI, Peace River Campground charges for visitors. We spend way too much money and hard work on Oak Hill to allow non-paying, unregistered guests to use it. The favorite comment is that "we paid to be here". Your friends paid, you didn't. You can't go into Disney to meet up with your friend without paying. You don't bring your McDonald's Happy Meal into Carrabba's to "join" your friends.

Someone cut down a tree! What is with this "macho" thing about hacking down trees, palmettos, and shrubs? Why does almost every tree in Oak Hill have hack marks on it? We have and do charge for cut down or damaged trees. We are not kidding when we say there is no firewood at Oak Hill. Buy some or bring some from home, there is none to scavenge. If there were wood, you could pick it up but because Oak Hill is so popular, there is no wood. Most state parks don't even allow you to pick up fallen wood. 

Leave the guns, paintball, bow and arrows, slingshots, and fireworks at home. You don't know who is beyond that patch of trees or who might inadvertly step into the line of fire. Can you shoot in the parks or even your front yard where you come from? No shooting in our front yard. There are special places for that. We also want our wildlife protected. We are amazed at the yahoos who will shoot a water bird or a song bird for target practice. We were raised hunting and fishing in the woods of Florida. If you shot it, you had to eat it. And, no, you cannot hunt on any of the property on the Peace River, it is almost all privately owned and you have not been invited to hunt, on private or public land.

Paintball: When you leave your campsite, the next campers don't want to see paint splotches all over the trees and tables. They don't want to see the brightly colored balls all over the ground. The campers there while you have your "war" don't want you and your friends running through their campsites yelling and screaming with paintballs flying everywhere. Again, there's a time and place and Oak Hill is not it.

What is with the fireworks? Everyone is out there to have a good time. Maybe the other campers don't share your delight in the noise of fireworks. We know the people who live across the river don't. Even worse, an errant firework could set the woods on fire, endangering the lives of others. No fireworks, period.

Speaking of setting the woods on fire, no sky lanterns. The Boy Scouts of America don't condone their use because it is an unsupervised fire. The local Forestry folks told us not to allow them because of the chance of one setting the woods on fire. And...animals might eat the wire supports and we or the neighbors don't want the trash. Yes, they say they biodegrade but how fast does chemically treated, fire retardant paper biodegrade? The websites don't say.

Keep the noise down. You are not out there alone. There are other campers and houses across the river. Listen to the symphony of nature! Quiet time at Oak Hill is 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. so everyone can get some sleep.

Watch the language please. This is a family oriented facility and there may be kids next door or even a church or scout group who does not want to hear foul language.

If these simple rules are followed, there will be no drama. We don't ask a lot, just be nice to others and Mother Nature and follow the rules. Everyone will have a good time.



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