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Kayaking on the Peace River

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Kayaks: Want a solo or tandem kayak? We have both.

Most of our rentals are for canoes because the canoes hold more stuff like kids, fossil hunting equipment, and camping gear, but we do have kayaks too.  Kayaks can be lots of fun.

We have cockpit (sit-in) or sit-on-top (SOT) solos (one person) and tandems (two people).    Most of our cockpit and SOT solos are by Emotion.  Our Emotion cockpits are small boats, any person with any size or height, we suggest a larger SOT. We have a couple odd brands like Perception, Old Town, and Wilderness SOTs have molded seats and seatbacks are available for rent at $4.00 each for the day or $6 each for overnight. Cockpit kayaks have seatbacks already attached.   

We have a few Perception Tribe SOT Tandems (3) at this time. Seatbacks are available for rent for the Tandem SOTs. These kayaks do have a third seat for a small child (90 lbs. or less).

The tandem cockpits are Old Town brand, Loons and Otters. Seatbacks are already in the tandem cockpit kayaks.

Kayaks are the same price as a canoe.

$45 for the day, solo or tandem.

$80 for the standard overnight runs, two days and one night. See canoe pricing. 

All prices are plus 7.5% sales tax.


  • If you desire to rent kayaks, we need a reservation and you need to check-in at least a half hour (30 min.) early.
  • The number of kayaks we have for rent is limited, we recommend you call first. Groups wanting kayaks definitely need to call way ahead, we do book out on kayaks.
  • If you show up at the last minute, we may not have time to switch canoes for kayaks on the trailers even if you have a reservation. We don't load kayaks until we see the whites of your eyes!
  • Our kayaks are recreational kayaks, there is no storage. For the day, bring a small cooler, soft-sided is best. If planning an overnight, plan on having your camping gear delivered, paddle a tandem kayak solo (storage in front seat) or put your camping gear in accompanying canoes if any.
  • Kayaks escpecially the solos have weight restrictions. The SOT solo weight capacity is 210-250 lbs. and the weight capacity of the solo cockpit is 225-275 lbs. That's not counting cooler, sifters, etc. Canoes hold more weight. The length of the solos are less than 10'. If you are on the large size, take a tandem, it will have more room and floatation.
  • Plan on getting wet while in a kayak.
  • If you have leg and/or knee problems, a kayak is not for you. They require knee bending and sitting for long lengths of time. They are also harder to get in and out of. 
  • Kayaks only hold one or two people depending on the style You could fit a youngster, 5 & under on the Tandem SOT or between the back paddler's legs in the back. No charge for a the child in the middle.
  • All our kayak paddles are standard livery model, same size, same model.
  • At 24" below normal we stop renting kayaks. Because kayaks are harder to get in and out of, the kayakers have a tendency to use the paddles to push off and they break the paddles. Canoes are better than kayaks during low water because you can just step in and out of a canoe with ease, not climbing in and out and you can see the darker water in the river channel better. If you want to rent a kayak during low water, bring your own paddle and we'll rent a kayak to you.



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