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Get a jump start on your Peace River paddling adventure. Download these Adobe PDF forms, print them, complete them and fax to Canoe Outpost-Peace River at 863-494-4391 or mail to 2816 NW County Rd 661, Arcadia, FL 34266 or scan or take a phone or tablet pic and email to Complete the form and take a picture with your phone or tablet and send it to us, that works too! 

Credit Card Authorization(CCA) This form is needed for overnight reservations, groups of 4 or more day trip vessels, or anyone wanting to go at 8:00 a.m.

If you have a reservation for an overnight trip, overnight camping at Oak Hill, a booked out weekend (we will let you know) or a group, you do not have a confirmed reservation until we get the completed CCA form. We don't charge the card listed on the CCA unless there is a problem such as late charges or damaged equipment or you don't show. Please see the second page of the CCA for possible service fees and charges. Completion of this form does not constitute a reservation, you still need to call us to reserve (800-268-0083). Gotta get all the details down! If you make an overnight reservation and don't send in the completed form, you don't have a reservation!

Make sure you put a email address down and we will email you that we received your completed CCA form whether you faxed it or emailed it so you don't have to call. 

If you are on a mobile device, try the instructions below:

CCA/Mobile Device Access (all steps done on an iPhone, Android may vary a little)

Go to Apps Store or Google Play, download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Open browser, go to or Search Canoe Outpost Peace River
Click of Forms in left hand margin, about half way down.
Click on PDF form,
Credit Card Authorization (CCA)Click on Share Button
Copy to Acrobat Reader
Name of Document will be on top margin (form1ccap2-2017.pdf)
Open App, locate document
Click Pen and Cloud Icon on bottom (second from left on iPhone)
Click T icon on bottom (fifth from right on iPhone)
Click the line you want to enter the information.
It may ask for Author Name on a popup Window. Name your document include your name or initials.
Click T each time for each field.
If the text is not in the proper location, click and hold and move it to the proper place.
When done, click DONE
Click SHARE button
Click Share File
Click Share Original Document
Send via MAIL (may have to scroll to right to see icon)
Anyone in the computer industry that can help us get this form ready for online completion? Looking to pay or trade to have it done. We're tired of the paperwork. Email us and we will have our IT guy get with you. 

Youth Release

The youth release if for kids, 17 and younger, not coming with their legal guardians. This form is important for scouts, youth church groups, the neighbors kids, any kid not coming with parent/s.

Waiver and Release

The above form is not necessary to download and fill out unless you want to. We have a document at check-in that you will be filling out. Insurance company requires we post this and we do recommend you read it.
We have the regular release above and we also have a Youth Release Form that is needed to be completed if you have kids coming with you that are not yours (you are not the legal guardian) or for anyone in a group of young people that is under the age of 18 with no guardian present. Please call 800-268-0083 for more information or email for a copy.
All forms are Adobe PDF format. If you don't have the Adobe PDF Reader, you can download it for free at

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