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Day and Half Day Canoe & Kayak Helpful Hints

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This page contains a list of helpful information for your day or half-day paddle trip on the Peace River. Remember, it's just like going to the beach but more fun. 

Day HintsDrink and Food: Bring a picnic lunch or snacks and plenty to drink while on the river. Also remember to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and bug spray. Bring a change of clothes and towels to leave in vehicle for after the trip. Dressing rooms and an outdoor cold water shower are available. Alcohol is allowed.

Campfires: Cooking by the river is allowed as long as fires are extinguished and area is cleaned up. Use only fallen branches or charcoal. Please use existing firepits especially at Oak Hill. Do not cut trees or scrubs.

Coolers: 80 qt. or larger will not fit into the canoes. Canoes will not be modified to accommodate oversized coolers. We will not load oversized coolers on the bus!

Dogs: Are allowed but please be sure to keep them on a leash at all times when not on the water. Please sit to the back of the bus with dogs and do not allow them on the seats.

Fishing: Freshwater fishing licenses are required by law for the freshwater species. During snook season you must have a current saltwater license and snook stamp. And, yes, you will see tarpon in the Fall months.

Human Waste: All campers need to remember bring trowels or shovels for burying toilet paper and human waste. Toilet paper must be buried or burned. Remember the three B's: 1. Bury it 2. Burn it or 3. Bring it out. There are scattered portocans at Oak Hill for customer use.

Inflatables: Inflated tubes, rafts, and kayaks cannot be transported.

Keys: We will be glad to hold your keys or make sure you have readily available copies in case you lose yours. There are lots of keys in the bottom of the river. There is no local locksmith available on Saturdays. There is only one local locksmith, so if he's busy, you have a long wait. New trucks require a key/code from the dealer and the local dealer historically has been unable to help. Plan ahead.

Ladies Only: feminine hygiene products do not biodegrade or burn. Please do not throw tampons, pads, wrappers, or applicators on the ground, in firepits, or in bushes. Please dispose of waste in trash and bring back with you.

Personal canoes & kayaks: All personal canoes, kayaks, and other vessels not registered with Canoe Outpost-Peace River must take out at the public boat ramp. Being part of group does not mean automatic registration as Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers. Renting a canoe or canoes from Canoe Outpost-Peace River does not mean that all friends, family, and associates with their own canoes automatically become registered Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers. The public boat ramp is for use by the general public, Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers only have the use of Canoe Outpost-Peace River facilities. Canoe Outpost-Peace River handles only canoes and kayaks which will fit on Outpost trailers and can be carried by one Outpost staff member.

Picnicking: The Outpost has shaded picnic tables in Arcadia, in Gardner, and along the river at Oak Hill. The picnic area with shelter and grill at Arcadia is available for groups on a first come/first serve basis or by reservation. Canoe Outpost-Oak Hill is the only designated picnic/camping area from Brownville to Arcadia and is for the exclusive use of Canoe Outpost customers only. Feel free to follow the trails and use the picnic tables. Please do not disturb campers unless invited into their camp.

Private Property: The Peace River is bordered on both sides by private property. Paddlers need to stay near the water and below the high water mark. Trespassers can and will be prosecuted. Any homes, cabins, anchored boats, docks, and picnic areas other than Oak Hill are private property and off limits. Be considerate and don't stop and use these areas. There are no public facilities or property along the river except at Brownville Park.

Radios: Radios and boom boxes are fine but they do like to go swimming and not everyone shares your taste in music. Be considerate with your music or just listen to the symphony of nature.

Recycling: No glass or Styrofoam on the river. We recycle aluminum and plastic only.

Safety: Paddling can be a hazardous sport. Please be careful and follow all safety rules. Do not jump or dive from canoes/kayas, bridges, banks, rope swings, or trees. It's not worth never walking again. Swim with caution. Shoes are recommended.

Canoe Outpost-Peace River canoes do not come equipped with the safety equipment for night time (sunset to sunrise) paddling. Make sure you are back at the dock before closing.

Extra Person: Third person in the canoe? Bring a sand or low beach chair for them to sit on. Umbrellas especially beach or golf ones are recommended for shading little ones in the middle when it's nap time and to protect their skin. We also have solo kayaks for rent.

Trash: Remember to bring trash bags or ask at the office for some. Bring all trash back to the Outpost.

Waterproofing: Put all gear especially cameras in waterproof containers. Ziploc bags are recommended for smaller items. Leave air in bags so they will float if canoe tips. Disposable waterproof cameras recommended. We also recommend leaving all valuables locked in your vehicle or we will hold them for you. The Outpost will be glad to hold your keys.

Wildlife: The paddle trip will be through undeveloped areas. Wildlife such as alligators, snakes, and a variety of insects are present. Canoe Outpost-Peace River has never had a problem with any of the wildlife along the river but caution is to be observed. Do not feed, handle, or molest any wildlife. Watch where you step, look before reaching into trees etc.

Wild plants: It is illegal to remove certain air plants, orchids, and other wild plants. See Florida's Endangered and Threatened plants or Florida Plant Collecting Regulations for more info.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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