Canoe Outpost Peace River

The Peace River is Pet-Friendly

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Dogs and other friendly pets are welcome on the Peace River, on Canoe Outpost-Peace River buses, canoes, kayaks, and property. The Peace River is one of the few pet friendly rivers in the state. We only ask that they be friendly to all people and other pets. We have seen cats, parrots, snakes, and the most popular pet to bring: dogs in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Please bring only well-behaved and friendly dogs, friendly to other dogs and all people. You might consider a muzzle if there is any doubt. Ziggy was viciously attacked by two larger dogs in early 2012 and a pit bull in 2016. You mess with our dogs, you and your dog /scan go home. If they'll attack Ziggy, they will attack other dogs or people on the river and the property.

All pets need to be on a leash and please clean up after your pet if it makes a mess. 

We do have a dog walk in the back parking lot. It runs the length of the shell driveway by campground walk through and the back gate. It's a big dog walk but the campground next door lays claim to the world's biggest dog walk which is the property in front of the campground next to SR 70. In the front parking lot, please walk your dog at the edge of the woods on either side of the parking lot. 

Tips & Things to Know if bringing your pet.
(Most info here is regarding dogs but it will cover any other pet.)

You will be greeted by our Canine Concierges Ziggy, Marley, and sometimes Greta which are running loose. We have never had a problem with Ziggy. He love kids and kids just love them. Just watch Ziggy who gets real excited when he sees a ball, especially a football. He will destroy your balls or run off with them. If kids want to play fetch, they need to make sure they throw whatever it is they want Ziggy to fetch away from them fast. He can jump 4 feet high and will jump up and accidently knock a kid almost off their feet. Marley is the Frisbee thief. She will grab it and run. She hangs out at the office.

Other customers will have their pets with them and there will be kids running around, which again, only friendly pets please.

We do not supply doggie lifejackets.

We do not deliver pets to the campsites or pick them up at Oak Hill.

All pets must have up to date required shot papers.

Do not tie your pet in the canoe in case it tips.

Make sure your dog is restrained when docking in Arcadia. Staff members have to squat down and hold the canoe which means they are face to face to any dogs in the middle of the canoe. Staff members have been bitten by scared dogs jumping out of the canoe (not in the face but on the butt). Grab the dog and move him off the floating dock up onto the dock and/or ramp out of the way.

Yes, gators like doggies. Keep a close eye on your dog when it's near the water. We have never had a dog eaten on the river. But, gators are drawn to little yappers

Keep your dog on a leash or if camping out, on a tie-down. Through the years dogs on the river have come up missing and it ain't the gators. Their owners let them loose and they get lost. They run off exploring or chasing an animal and can't find their way back.

Do not tie your dog to any Outpost vehicle or trailer. It might start moving. Keep a close eye on the dog while waiting to load the bus, there will be vehicles and trailers moving around.

Canoe Outpost-Peace River, Inc. is not responsible for your pet or the actions of your pet.

Bring the kids, bring the dog, it's a family affair at Canoe Outpost-Peace River.







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