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MileagesIn the late 1980's the State of Florida designated 38 State Canoe Trails and gave the outfitters the mileages to each point along the trail. Wouldn't you know it, the Peace River was one of the original trails!

Spring forward about 20 years and add in the factor of GPS and the river mileages have changed. DEP has updated the Peace River map at their website.  All the mileages to Arcadia will not match DEP's because DEP's mileages go to the Arcadia Boat Ramp in Veteran's Park. Our mileages reference our dock in Arcadia.

  Paddling Trip   DEP Miles   Old Miles   New Miles  
Ft. Meade to Zolfo 24 25  
Ft. Meade to Gardner 43.5 48  
Ft. Meade to Arcadia 57 63 55.5
Wauchula to Zolfo 4.5 6  
Wauchula to Gardner 24 30  
Wauchula to Arcadia 37.5 50 36
Zolfo to Gardner 19.5 23  
Zolfo to Arcadia 33 40 31.5
Gardner to Brownville   4 6  
Gardner to Arcadia 13.5 16 12
Brownville to Arcadia 9.5 10 8

Note: The old mileage from Wauchula to Arcadia was 47 miles but the Scouts called it 50 miles so they could qualify for the 50 mile badge.

Fast Forward again to 2011, the Paddling Trail is extended to Bartow. Click here for info on the extended river mileages of the Peace River Paddle Trail. Canoe Outpost-Peace River now has a laminated 8 1/2 x 11 laminated B&W two-sided map for sale at the Outpost. It is a condensed version of the OGT 9-page map.


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