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The Canoe Outpost Glossary of Terms

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Arcadia Outpost: Canoe Outpost-Peace River Main office. All phone calls, reservations, and daily operations focus in Arcadia. 31.5, 12, 8, & 5 mile runs end in Arcadia. The Arcadia Outpost is off SR 70, two miles west of Arcadia, behind the Peace River Campground. Watch for the sign on the corner. Arcadia has on-site staff, wooden dock, bathrooms, shady parking, and picnic tables.

Bad List: database where the names of Outpost Outcasts are stored.

Beach (The): The "Thank God" we made it point in Gardner. The beach is the 19.5 mile take-out and the 12 mile put-in. A few trips up and down the beach and the blood starts flowing in your bottom again.

Boat: not a canoe or kayak. We don't do boats. Ghenooes, Scanooes, Ganoes fall under this category, they are not canoes!

Bow: rhymes with cow, the front of the canoe. Bow person does all the paddling. Need to turn around and check every once in a while to make sure the stern (back seat) is paddling. The woman usually gets the bow.

Bozo No-No: Taking a thwart out, coming in late, bringing an oversized cooler, bringing a chainsaw, bringing guns, bringing a boat motor, not bringing your trash back, cut down a green tree, you name it, the stupid stuff. Cutting down a green tree especially at Oak Hill is a big Bozo No-no and expensive.

Bucket Brigade: what everyone needs to form at the back of the bus to help pass the gear and equipment out while the canoes are being unloaded.

Campfire: Made of small dead wood with a flame of about 24" in height, usually everyone can sit about five feet from it. Opposite of signal fire.

Canoe: Usually floats, has two seats, three thwarts, and can be carried by one toter. Canoe Outpost canoes can hold two people and three little kids or two people and a pile of camping gear. Canoe Outpost canoes don't carry oversized coolers. Canoe Outpost canoes are not registered for motors of any type including trolling motors. Canoe Outpost canoes are silver aluminum with round blue and white stickers.

Canoe Knees: what every paddler gets if they don't put sunscreen on their knees.

Cockpit: kayak you sit down inside of. Canoe Outpost has cockpit solo and tandem kayaks.

Cushion: blue boat cushions supplied at no cost to each person. Cushions are not mandatory, just complimentary.

Cushion Boy: Whoever, regardless of sex, scrubs the cushions and lifejackets after the trip. At Canoe Outpost we scrub everything so don't stand too close to the wash table.

Dock (The): The "Thank God" we made it point in Arcadia. The Dock is the 31.5, 12, 8, & 5 mile take-out. A few trips up and down the ramp and stairs at the dock and the blood starts flowing in your bottom again. Working the dock will give you buns of steel. When you get to the dock, a toter will hold the canoe or kayak and assist you in getting out of the vessel. Grab your stuff and head up the stairs either to the right to wait for friends or to the ramp to the left to exit to your vehicle. Trashcans are on the dock and the top of the ramp. Recycle cans will be at top of ramp or on the dock at the start of the ramp. Just watch your head, toters will be carrying canoes up, right up the middle, so get to the side. Don't come up the big steps, that's the work area.

Dead wood: piece of dead trees that fall to the ground, used in making campfires. The opposite of green wood.

Drag: Sometimes during low water you will have to drag the canoe over logs and sandbars. This usually happens on the Zolfo Springs to Gardner stretch during spring or if the water is 12" below normal or more. Usually one person or both people have to get out of the canoe.

Drivers: Those fearless folks who drive you to your appointed destination. Sit down, shut up, and hang on! The driver takes you to the put-in.

Fair Game: Anyone walking in the work area at the dock as the goobers are carrying up the canoes.

Firepit: A firepit is a burnt spot on the ground where there was a previous campfire. The area will be grey with no grass growing. Example: At Oak Hill there are only firepits, no grills.

Fitted Jacket: Opposite of horse collars. Fitted jackets are "vest" style jackets with belts in a multitude of colors available at main office. Kids are given fitted jackets to wear. Adults can request fitted jackets. Don't request a fitted jacket unless you plan on wearing it, it does no good sitting on the bottom of the canoe.

Gardner Outpost: Canoe Outpost-Peace River satellite office where the 19.5 mile/Zolfo Springs to Gardner Run ends. Open for check-in during Spring and Fall. Open for end of trip parking every Saturday and Sunday. Gardner is 10 miles north of Arcadia of Hwy 17 N. Gardner has on-site staff, bathrooms, sandy beach, shady parking, and picnic tables.

Gardner South: 170 acres south of the Gardner Outpost owned by Canoe Outpost-Peace River

Gates: When they're closed, so are we.

Gator Bait: little yappin' dogs or little yappin' kids

Glass: Usually comes in the form of a beer bottle, doesn't burn or decompose. We don't have recycling in this area. NO GLASS ALLOWED. Put your drink of choice in plastic or buy beverages in plastic or aluminum containers.

Goober: see Toter

Green Wood: What Outpost Outcasts and stupid morons use to build campfires and signal fires. Requires chopping of live trees and shrubs. You can tell it from dead wood because it has green leaves and it doesn't break easy.

Gunnel: rhymes with tunnel, top edge of the canoe along the sides.

Horse Collar: Orange PFD that all adults need to have in the canoe. These are the standard boat jackets. Horse Collar is usually already on the bus or at the Put-in.

Leaker: What a canoe becomes when you drag the canoe down the concrete boat ramp, take a thwart out, or chop a hole in the bottom.

Lifejacket: that orange thing in the back of the bus that each person has to have in the canoe with them. You don't have to wear them (you may in the future) but it is recommended especially in high water.

Lifejacket Belt commonly mistaken for a rope to tie the canoes together (another Bozo No-No). Also a fashion statement of the canoe toters to hold up their pants. Lifejacket belts come from ripped/torn lifejackets.

Little White Landmines: the tp left behind by rude campers, see Wee-Wee in the Woods.

Mean High Water: highly debated line along the river that paddlers need to stay below. To be on the safe side stay down by the water except on property Canoe Outpost-Peace River owns. Usually the mean high water mark is about 2 feet above normal water level so don't go hiking around in people's yards and pastures.

Nile Perch: Tilipia, fish that make the round, crater depressions in the shallow water.

Oak Hill: Halfway between Brownville and Arcadia. Canoe Outpost's private, semi-wilderness picnicking and camping area.

Office Staff: There's always a woman in charge at Canoe Outpost-Peace River.

Oversized Cooler: 80 qts. or larger. Leave the big white coffins at home, they don't fit in a canoe or kayak.

Outpost Outcast: Anyone who commits a Bozo No-No.

Paddle: that silver and blue thing you have to put in the water every once in a while if you're going to get back before closing time. Also the act of using the silver and blue thing.

Parking: preferably in rows, parallel to other vehicles, and not blocking them in. Staff tries to help keep it straight. When in doubt, park next to other vehicles, don't try to create your own row. People with clipboards will make you move.

Personal: canoe or kayak or paddleboard not owned by Canoe Outpost, see theirs

PFD: Personal Floatation Device, same as lifejacket. Federal law requires that every person have one. Florida law requires that kids under six have them on while on the water.

Portage: to portage means to take all your gear out of the canoe and carry the empty canoe over dry land and then make similar trips with all the equipment. Canoe Outpost will not knowingly put you on a trip that you will have to "portage". See drag or walk the canoe.

Property owner: what the paddlers are not. Someone else owns all the property along the river, not you or anyone with your party or even the government, so be courteous.

Put-in: Where you put the canoe/kayak in the water, the starting point of your paddle trip.

Release Form: Form at check-in that everyone who can read or write and/or see over the counter has to sign before getting in a canoe/kayak or on the bus. Basically, it says that everything is your fault.

Red Bugs: what you're going to get if you keep picking up that Spanish moss on the ground.

Seatback (back rest): what the paddler in the know always rents. Similar to a stadium seat.

Sifter (fossil sifter): Free loaners at Arcadia office. We don't guarantee you'll find any fossils though.  We also have sifters for sale!

Signal Fire: Campers use all the firewood in a three mile radius to build this one. Flames reach heights of 10-20 feet. The surrounding woods, tents, and campers are threatened by flying ash and sparks and no one can sit within a hundred foot radius of the fire. Also called the "South Florida" style of campfire.

Sit-On-Top (SOT): Refers to kayaks that you sit on top of. Not a cockpit, no sides. We have tandem and solo SOTs

Solo: Refers to one-person kayak, either sit-on-top or cockpit.

South Oak: One of the Oak Hill picnic/camp spots that everyone misses because they can't see the sign thru the bottom of a beer bottle.

Stern: the backend of the canoe, stern does all the steering. Where the man always wants to sit.

Strainer: like spaghetti strainer. The place in the river where there is usually a downed tree that collects anything that floats especially canoes in high water. You'll also see lifejackets, cushions, and trash in the strainers. The railroad trestle just north of the dock in Arcadia is a big strainer during high water. You want to avoid strainers and make sure you're afloat near one.

Take-out: Where you take the canoe/kayak out of the water, where your trip ends.

Tandem: Two-person kayak. Canoes are also tandem, made for two people but can hold more.

Theirs: personal canoe or kayak not owned by Canoe Outpost-Peace River. Those with their own vessels usually are not Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers, sometimes they are though.

Thwart: Middle bar in the canoe, not to be taken out, usually not good to use as a seat either. Sit on the thwart and chances are you'll be a tipper.

Tipper: people that can't stay upright and floating in the canoe

Tip or Flip: what a toter will do to you if you come in late. Tip him or he'll flip you. If you hear "tip or flip", you know you're in trouble.

Toter: the hard working, canoe-carrying machine of Canoe Outpost-Peace River. The toter takes care of your canoe at the put-in and take-out. They take care of the canoe before you put your stuff in it and after you take your stuff out. Same as a goober.

Vessel: According to the USCG (US Coast Guard), canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards are considered vessels and must abide by the same rules as boats in terms of safety equipment.

Wash Rack: Rack where toters stack canoes for cleaning. Not the customer "stand and watch the toters" area.

Wash Table: Work area for the toters, drivers, and cushion boy to scrub the gear. Not the customer cooler wash, feet wash, shower area. There are separate areas for the customers such as by the Iggy cage and by the flower bed in front of the office. There are cold water showers behind the office.

Walk: Sometimes during low water you will have to walk the canoe over logs and sandbars. This usually happens on the Zolfo Springs to Gardner stretch during spring sometimes farther south. Usually one person or both people have to get out of the canoe and let the canoe float over the sandbar.

Wee-Wee in the Woods: What every paddler has to do eventually. Directions available at the office. Remember: bury it, burn it, or bring it out. See "little white landmines"

Wilderness: Wilderness means no picnic tables, no grills, no restrooms, no access to outside world without paddling out. Camping on the Zolfo Springs Run is wilderness. Camping at Oak Hill is semi-wilderness. There are nearby portable toilets, each campsite has a least one picnic table, there are no grills, and emergency services can get to you if there is a problem.

Wildlife: weekdays you will usually see some wild critters, weekends you'll see the two-legged ones in the canoes.

Yak: Short for kayak

Hhhmmm….if everyone brought back one piece of trash that was not theirs, the river would be cleaner.


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